Balanced Life Coaching

Coaching helps you grow by assessing where you are, identifying limiting beliefs and obstacles, and then strategically planning to achieve specific outcomes in your life. With Balanced Life Coaching, you can expect a gracious experience that will draw you closer to God and others. We follow a simple process to bring about transformation in your life. Your participation requires a high level of commitment and that commitment will lead to amazing results!

Start Your Journey

Every journey includes

A 2-hour foundation session with review of your spiritual genetics

A Welcome Gift

A Journal for reflection, session notes and intentional practices

Journey of Spiritual Formation

This guided process of spiritual formation includes processing activities aimed at making truth about the Creator real in your body, soul and mind. You will find this level brings healing and wholeness to your understanding of God.

Journey to Awareness

This level starts with guided spiritual formation then helps you expose false notions of happiness and success. You will begin replacing those beliefs with truth, as you learn how to live without the vices that lead to living a beautifully packaged life of self-destruction.

Journey for Abundant Living

Move from spiritual formation and exposing false narratives to authentic living. You will learn how to walk out following the Spirit, extending grace and demonstrating love as you implement spiritual practices that cultivate the true narratives about God and the world in your soul.